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What makes us different?

High-CBD Content

Our hand-sifted bubblehash consistently tests at 50-70% total CBD which means ingesting less plant matter, making it easier on the body, and using substantially less product to reach desired effects.

Under 0.3% Max THC

All of our products are rigorously lab-tested to make sure they meet our quality-control specifications and are below 0.3% MAX THC to comply with federal law and be considered hemp.

High-Melt Quality

TexasMeds’ hand-crafted hemp hashish contains very plant matter, leaving you with copious amounts of cannabinoids and a robust terpene profile. This purity allows the hemp resin to melt and bubble with heat.


TX Casino Cookies

Created from hand sifted industrial hemp, this hash melts and bubbles away when heated

This is a potent, clean product.

66.40% Total CBD
0.14% Total THC

  • 61.67%

  • 5.40%

  • 0.43%

  • 0.14%

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