“Casino Cookies” – High-Melt CBD Hemp Hash – 1 Year Aged

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66.40% total CBD, 0.14% d9-THC

664mg CBD

1 gram of a industrial hemp product, high-melt quality hash

Hand-crafted hemp hashish containing very little plant matter, leaving you with copious amounts of cannabinoids and a robust terpene profile.

This purity allows the hemp resin to melt and β€œbubble” in a bowl or on a screen. Also perfect for extraction or infusions

1 gram is comparable in strength to about 4 grams of top-quality hemp flower


Aged for 1 year while protected from light and oxygen. Most connoisseurs would agree that the aging process helps mellow the smoke and improve the flavors but again, there is very little scientific data available on the subject. On the other hand, there is plenty first- hand reports about quality Hashish as old as 12 years, 3 to 5 years being common. Like tobacco, wine, hard liquor or cheese aging develop the taste but again the choice of container, aging environment and oxygen removal is essential to the process.

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1 review for “Casino Cookies” – High-Melt CBD Hemp Hash – 1 Year Aged

  1. Jerry d Rogers II (verified owner)

    this stuff is sooo good top off a bowl or make a layer cake in a vaporizer Bowl or just dab it on a nail you cant go wrong good stuff and staff was super helpful with all my questions shipped quickly as well 😍these folks know what they are doing πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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